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Great Entertaiment For Any Occasion

   The Peter Kern Show

May We Sing For You?

Treat your guests to The Peter Kern Show...

Peter Kern and Harriet Zazzaro present a tasteful, high-energy musical program which is easily adaptable to suit small intimate venues, or large corporate events. 

Their show is also uniquely geared towards weddings, receptions, and anniversary parties. The savory sounds of The Peter Kern Show include the very finest vocal selections from Rock, Pop, Standards, Blues, Oldies, R&B, Jazz, and Country music. Do you have a special music request for your event? Just let them know your wishes... they will be happy to prepare a customized musical menu for you. Sinatra, Presley, Tom Jones, The Beatles, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Michael Buble, Ray Charles, Midler, Adele, Madonna...any era, any style, all captivating! Peter and Harriet have been enjoyed at regional festivals, night clubs, and arenas...whatever the need, their music will dazzle you and your guests. Peter and Harriet are currently appearing every Friday and Saturday night at the Marriott Suites on Sand Key at Clearwater Beach. On occasion the multi-talented Christine Maloney appears with the show..

Book The Peter Kern Show for your event or venue today!

The dance floor will be full and your group will be entertained to the max!

Recent Comments From Satisfied Clients:


I hope this letter makes it to you. I attended the party you performed at the other night. You were fantastic. I will be contacting you shortly as soon as I begin planning my sons wedding.

I am sure you don't need to hear this, because the reaction of your audience says it all. You and Miss Rachel are fantastic, no incredible would be a better description.

First of all, I never heard a sound system that is so crisp and sharp. Bravo! I hate muffled, mediocre sound. Secondly, the excitement you generate is contagious. My wife and I agree, that we have never seen so many people dancing for so long. THAT is because the music is so inspiring. Thirdly, don't you take breaks? Four hours non stop? How do you do it?

Finally, your range of music is truly astounding. I loved the Elvis, was crazy about the Bob Dylan, was blown away by the Joe Williams, taken aback by the Sinatra RAT PACK STUFF.

We didn't realize the level of talent you possessed. A songwriter also! Your original songs need to be heard by everyone. I mean how many songs do you hear the first time and are touched by them. The one about the parents losing their child. Lord Lord. God bless you sir. We were more than touched..

The CD I purchased from you has been downloaded to my ipod. I've listened to it the entire week.. I should have bought the three other ones. I have enclosed a check, please send them to me.

As for Miss Rachel, in this day and age, I have not heard any girl singer belt out a song like she can. Her range is incredible and as pretty as she is, she lights up the room when she sings. Love the duets and so glad they are on my CD.

We will be contacting you to set up some future shows. I pray you are available. Our July 4th show, as well as our Halloween Costume Bash, and of course Christmas slots need to be filled.

In this day and age of noisy, unmelodic musical trash, it is a pleasure to hear an artist that combines blues, jazz, standards, country, and oldies.

Good luck, and ship out those CD's to me as soon as possible. The check is good.


Mr.and Mrs.Arnold S.Skolen

Charlotte, NC

Just had to email you and tell you how much I liked your show. My goodness you

sounded so much like Dean Martin and Sinatra. But the blues blew me away. You

should go on America Has Talent. You and Miss Rachel.

Where are you appearing next? Can you post your schedule?

Tim Barton

St. Pete 

I love all the characters that you do on stage.Your rendition of Beautiful Boy by John Lennon was

incredible. It brought tears to my eyes.


Ft. Myers Beach

I saw the guy who supposed to sound like Neil Diamond. Peter...he can’t shine your shoes, your Neil Diamond is flawless. You take the title...but your Dion...your Sammy Davis as good as it gets....And....we could dance...actually dance to every single number you did, all the while watch your dynamic performance. The good old days all over again...there is hope.


Too my wife said...he has to be Italian to sing those mob songs that well...but maybe he’s Spanish; after all now he’s Johnny LaTino? When you did the Ray Charles number, we both shook our heads. You can do it all and then some. We love the CD, 21 songs what a deal!

Guy and Marilyn

Destin, Florida

The entire show was sensational...but when you did Tom Jones and the ladies started to throw their keys at you, we almost died. To be honest, I thought it was a setup. Then my own sister-in-law through her bra up on the stage. My jaw dropped, that was the funniest thing I ever saw! Our whole group is talking about it...we will never forget you..looking forward to the next time you appear here. You do house parties?

Ray Brinson

When you sang “God Bless the USA”.....could you see the people crying from the stage? That ovation we gave you must have made you feel terrific. It did us.

God Bless you both

Lyle C. Glickenhaus

Who even remembers Al Jolson? You have to be the only one in the world doing that.

I would pay to see you do an all Al Jolson Show. For me, that part of the show was unforgettable.

When you got down on your knee to sing gave me chills.

The new Worlds Greatest Entertainer is Peter Kern.

Roy Greenberg

I saw you on Sanibel Island 15 years ago. I remember some bum brought a puppy in the lounge on his shoulder and refused to leave. I swear The bouncer broke the guys arm. You sang right through the tumult.

When I heard you were the entertainment for Stella's wedding, I knew it was gonna be special 

You are in better voice now....your selection of songs is like right on the mark and you sang 4 hours non do you do it...? Will you leave the state to do a big wedding? My son is getting married in North Carolina. I already told my future in-laws about you. Hopefully it will all work out. 

I have included my phone number.

Sonny Darvace

The music is wonderful! Looking forward to the concert here.

Carolyn Eisner

FAMILY MEMBERS AND RESIDENTS WERE THRILLED WITH RACHEL AND YOU TODAY. Thank you again for bringing a smile to the residents and family members. Joan the English lady was crying when you left because she enjoyed your singing so much. 

Carolyn Eisner

Peter and Rachel.

"THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC". Your professional and entertaining performance for our party on May 21, 2011 was outstanding and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our guests. You have great style, sound and talent. You can count on us for a high recommendation any time. Thanks again and good luck!

Bob and Judy

Hey Mr Showman ,

you're Da Best, and if you need my good word for you I'll be there,

your pal the Toastmaster Lenny Dwoskin

Peter was very professional and accommodating. I was fortunate to find him at the last moment prior to my engagement, as my booked talent canceled on me. Their sounds are truly entertaining and skilled.

I will definitely book them again!

Remy Isaac

Hi, Peter! Nice to see your website - I think it's great. Love reading the comments since I am such a fan of your music. I WISH I could see you in person - maybe someday. :D xox Carla

Carla J. Patterson